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Clinic Operational Efficiency: The Need for Kiosks and Tablets at Check-in

Patient Experience

Need for Kiosks and Tablets at Check-in | AdvancedMD

If you have flown on a commercial airline anytime since 2005, chances are you have used a self-service kiosk to check yourself in, get a boarding pass, and maybe even put the tags on your own luggage. Today grocery stores, fast food restaurants, and many other vendors understand how beneficial it can be to let customers do some of the work on their own. Many customers also appreciate the ability to streamline their service.

While healthcare has lagged behind retail industries in this regard, it’s not too late to jump on board. Many practices can benefit from self-service technologies like kiosks and tablets for check-in.

Speed Up Check-In Processes

In a busy practice with multiple providers you may have several times throughout the day when multiple patients are trying to check in at the same time, and only a limited number of front-desk staff to help. Every minute that the patient is waiting in line is a delay to the provider who may be ready to see that patient but can’t do so until they get done checking in and filling out paperwork. Self-service kiosks and tablets allow several patients to check themselves in simultaneously, freeing up your receptionists to help those who need some assistance, or to take care of other tasks.

Improve Patient Data Accuracy

A common reason insurance claims are denied is errors in patient or insurance information. Having patients fill out forms by hand, then entered by a staff member into your practice management system leaves multiple opportunities for error—the patient could put incorrect information, the handwriting may be illegible, or the staff member could make an error during data entry.

Another common mistake that practices make is not checking for updated insurance or changes in insurance coverage. These errors slow down claims and payments for your practice. When patients review their personal and insurance information on a kiosk or tablet, they are more likely to notice a birthdate error or incorrect insurance payer.

Protect Patient Privacy

Having patients check in at the front desk and answer personal questions about their birthdate, address, and the reason they are coming to the doctor today in a crowded waiting room is actually a potential violation of that person’s privacy. You can protect your patients from sharing that information out loud by giving them a tablet or kiosk so they can answer health and personal questions privately. You can also use tablets and kiosks to help patients sign up for a patient portal to continue taking an active role in managing their health.

We can help you get kiosks and tablets for your practice that improve efficiency, reduce errors, and protect patient privacy. Contact AdvancedMD today to learn how easy it can be to implement them in your office.

Topic: Medical Billing, Patient Experience

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