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Password Resets



As your partner, AdvancedMD ensures strict compliance with HIPPA and other healthcare regulations. The AdvancedMD support team has several safeguards and policies in place to protect your information and the information of your clients. The first of these safeguards include password resets.

Password Resets
To help avoid confusion within the office and to ensure the security of protected information, only those individuals with the role of Administrator within the User Setup can reset passwords for other users.

We strongly encourage each practice to­­­­­­­ have a plan in place to ensure that there is adequate coverage to allow users to have their passwords reset, while not creating unnecessary admins in the software.


This screen shows the User Setup. It‘s important to remember that we can only reset passwords for individuals registered as an Administrator on the Account, as distinguished as Admin (see above image) and they must also have access to their email to complete the reset. All other users will be referred back to the person who can reset passwords, so their information can be verified.

Support Contacts
Another area we remain compliant is in our guidelines regarding support contacts. To keep patient information secure we request that anyone calling support who mentions any HIPPA information be registered as a Support Contact in theContact Management Center.


There is no limitation on the number of support contacts that can be registered to each office key.

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