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Practice Management Software Market Insights: Boosting Healthcare Service Efficiency

Disclaimer: This blog article was written by an AdvancedMD partner. The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of AdvancedMD.

Practice management software (PMS), which is part of the healthcare information technology (IT) industry, is expected to grow profitably over the estimated timeframe because of healthcare reform, an increase in healthcare facilities nationwide, financial incentives provided to practices that adopt these systems, as well as rise in the need for both the automating and digitizing of the medical facilities.

The U.S. has witnessed a significant rise in healthcare spending over the last ten years. Additionally, it has been revealed that manual mistakes made by healthcare workers resulted in a significant loss adding to these costs, amounting to billions of dollars. Over the projected time, it is anticipated that the prevalence of such incidents would boost demand for PMS.

Why PMS?

To provide a uniform base for medical practices, these solutions enable internal centralization and coordination with diverse organizations. The use of technology enables care managers and clinicians to grasp the difficulties patients face while still being able to continuously monitor them.

The use of cloud technology is expected to facilitate peer-to-peer exchange and give patients access to their data whenever they need it. Ultimately, it really is expected that centralization would lead to cutting-edge medical facilities plus contented patients, pushing the market for PMS.

Choose a practice management software (PMS) that is the best in the market, like AdvancedMD practice management software, which offers reliable workflow procedures and a simplified user interface which is easy to use for every user. This all-inclusive AdvancedMD practice management software has advanced features such as automatic eligibility verification, faster check-in procedures, and easy appointment scheduling to name a few.

Industry Insights

The healthcare industry’s most appealing sector is said to be the one for cloud-based technology solutions. Among the elements that contribute to its development include the lower upfront investment, larger financial returns, better durability compared to the internet, and universal connectivity with any platform enabling the software to be truly user-friendly.

The market for practice management systems (PMS) is anticipated to expand at an 8.8% CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) for the period of 2022 to 2030 from its value of 12.9 billion dollars in 2021. The necessity to reduce healthcare expenses and the capacity to provide enough remuneration for healthcare providers are two factors driving the increased use of the PMS.

Additionally, supporting government measures along with the growing use of IT within the medical industry is expected to boost market expansion. For example, the Federal IT Strategic Plan 2020–2025, which focuses on improving the accessibility, exchanges, and usage of health-care-related electronic health data was announced by the federal government as of May 2020.

Vendors of practice management systems and organizations have taken action to stop the global pandemic by popularizing telemedicine, improving data availability through EHRs, and leveraging PMS solutions to schedule patient appointments. The web-based feature of AdvancedMD EHR software allows users to never need to be concerned about expensive hardware and upgrades. Healthcare organizations may concentrate on patient care rather than IT because updates are automated and cost nothing.

As data entry into computerized systems is much easier than paper-based approaches, the installation of a practice management system has made managing healthcare and medical clinics easier even during the COVID-19 outbreak. The industry is growing because of the rise in demand for the least error-prone processes and documentation.

Additionally, there are several advantages to market expansion due to the growing number of technological advancements and the diverse dynamics of hospital and healthcare settings. Additionally, it is projected that an intense focus on high-quality healthcare and affordable treatment would fuel market expansion.

Moreover, increased demand for PMS and investments in research and development (R&D) activities are anticipated to drive market expansion throughout the projected timeline. Due to the intense competition among the major competitors, the market for practice management systems has promoted alliances and collaborations among different businesses.

The expanding older adult population is also expected to drive the sector expansion due to their susceptibility to chronic illnesses that need frequent hospitalization, such as diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular conditions.

Therefore, it is predicted that the patient group for a number of chronic illnesses would grow as the senior population grows. In addition, the prevalence of medication resistance has increased the need for maintaining and monitoring patient histories and medical records.

The medical sector’s centralization and the increasing complexity of patient treatment and reimbursement are driving the segment’s expansion. Additionally, the flexibility for doctors to handle all areas of practice and business, such as prescription, practice management, invoicing, and even patient engagement platforms, might be linked to the expansion of the standalone system category.

Choose the Best: AdvancedMD

Quick-view and one-click solutions from AdvancedMD PMS will speed up front-office staff productivity and help them skip time-consuming procedures like data comparisons. AdvancedMD PMS helps you eliminate calls and texts to health insurers and avoid uncertainty on how payments. This is made possible by integrated, automation tools for eligibility verification and payment processing. As an outcome, your team is more effective and productive and free to concentrate on winning more patients and expanding your practice.

AdvancedMD EHR is more than just a simple practice management software, it’s also an income generator. Standardized front desk operations make it possible to collect copays upfront for every visit, reducing outstanding balances and speeding up the process for your billing department. Tools for charge posting and credit card transactions that come built-in with AdvancedMD – PMS can help you get paid promptly. This whole front office flow is what generates a sizable cash flow.

Final Thoughts

A PMS is a must in today’s healthcare industry. Effective appointment scheduling, revenue cycle management, healthcare IT data collection, monthly report production, and seamless connectivity with EHR/EMR systems are all made possible by an effective PMS, which keeps medical clinics operating smoothly.

What We Do

Practolytics is a healthcare billing firm that specializes in RCM processing, credentialing, and prior authorization. Since 2013, Practolytics and AdvancedMD have teamed to develop a one-stop solution for healthcare practice billing, practice administration, patient management, and revenue cycle management needs. Practolytics’ deep bond with AdvancedMD practice management software has enabled them to assist client practices across the country with all their billing and credentialing needs. Practolytics has assisted over 20 practices in processing over five million claims each year. AdvancedMD PMS can now manage your scheduling, charting, billing, and patient engagement.

Practolytics logo
Practolytics partnered with AdvancedMD in 2013 to create a one-stop solution for all the medical billing, practice management, patient management, and revenue cycle management activities a healthcare practice need to carry out. A Platinum partner amongst 850+ billing companies, Practolytics is a 20+ year-old healthcare technology and revenue cycle management services company providing medical billing service solutions to 180+ practices of all sizes spreading across 31 states and serving more than 28 critical specialties. Practolytics with support from AdvancedMD billing software processes more than 2.5M claims annually, collecting more than $500M for its clients. End-to-end services include medical billing, medical coding, chart audit, credentialing, eligibility, benefits verification, and preauthorization services. The company’s diverse background in every aspect of healthcare allows it to maximize revenue and consistently deliver optimum results.


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