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How a digital, all-in-one software solution helps you grow your practice & refocus on patient care


Disclaimer: This blog article was written by an AdvancedMD partner. The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of AdvancedMD.

In today’s competitive marketplace, independent healthcare providers are forced to wear multiple hats: providing the highest quality care, maintaining patient satisfaction, and setting up their business for long-term success. They are healthcare professionals, customer service representatives, and marketing specialists all at once.

In addition, consumer expectations are becoming more demanding. Patients are increasingly selective, spending more time online to research and choose providers. They also have high expectations for a modernized and digital-first patient experience.

To meet these increasing demands in a way that’s easy to manage and doesn’t break the bank, healthcare practice owners need comprehensive software solutions to help grow their business and analyze their performance against industry best practices.

PatientPop, the industry’s most complete all-in-one practice growth platform, helps alleviate the juggling act that so many practice owners face. By streamlining practices’ marketing, business growth, and patient satisfaction systems, healthcare marketing software lets providers focus their time and attention on what they do best: providing excellent care to patients.

Benefits of healthcare marketing software: Is it right for your business?

There’s no escaping the need to use digital strategies to meet patients where they are. A top-notch healthcare website, smart reputation management plan, and strong online presence are all necessities for today’s healthcare providers.

In fact, in a recent patient survey, three out of four people reported searching online to find a healthcare provider. In the survey, patients listed online reviews as the No. 1 factor in their decision making. What’s more, digital engagement is a growing expectation for many patients: More than half now prefer going online for appointment scheduling, asking providers a question, paying a bill, filling out forms, and accessing health records.

So, how can healthcare marketing software help providers in this landscape? We share six benefits below:

1. It consolidates all your marketing efforts into a single all-in-one platform.

A robust digital marketing plan is essential, yet many providers rely on a piecemeal approach that is overwhelming, time-consuming, and ultimately, ineffective. A comprehensive platform gives you everything you need to attract and retain patients, boost your web presence, improve your online reputation, and increase practice efficiency in a single software solution. By choosing a comprehensive healthcare software solution, you won’t need to manage multiple consultants and agencies to meet your marketing and business needs. Instead, count on having the best digital-first marketing strategies at your fingertips from the start.

2. It gives you tools to measure success & adapt your strategies as needed.

Understanding the success of your patient acquisition and retention strategies is critical to any practice growth plan. Software allows you to easily track key performance indicators (KPIs) for your business in real-time. Having those KPIs captured all in one place lets you refine strategies as needed, rather than waiting for a campaign to wrap up before you can measure its efficacy. The immediacy and adaptability of healthcare marketing software gives you optimal bang for your buck in your marketing and practice growth efforts.

3. Healthcare marketing software is tailored to providers’ unique needs.

Healthcare practices are unique businesses, and they have very specialized needs when it comes to digital marketing and growth management. HIPAA compliance and integration with other healthcare technology are essential value-adds offered by healthcare industry-specific software solutions like PatientPop.

4. It offers full access to a customer support team.

There’s always a learning curve with new technology and business changes and implementing healthcare marketing software is no different. A good software company will offer customers ongoing strategic support as they get acclimated to the new technology and ensure they’re using the software to its fullest potential.

5. Software updates & adapts over time.

The healthcare industry is rapidly evolving, and good software solutions must change to continue to deliver the best value to healthcare providers. Healthcare marketing software can adapt to users’ feedback and keep pace with shifts in the industry, so its value only increases with time.

6. It frees you up to focus on patients.

Providers don’t get into healthcare to be marketing professionals. Software solutions help you automate certain aspects of your business, such as appointment confirmations or reminders, so you can focus on patient care. With tools for patient acquisition, SEO optimization, online scheduling and intake, and patient communication, healthcare marketing software takes the guesswork out of setting up your practice for continued success.

Equipping your practice with a comprehensive healthcare marketing software solution is a worthy investment. For physicians and other care providers, a software solution like PatientPop can take your practice to the next level, offering comprehensive and HIPAA-compliant growth strategies that keep you competitive in the digital age.

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Paige Blessman
Paige manages practice-facing marketing initiatives, and provides strategic recommendations and counsel for healthcare practices.

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