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Spring Release 2022

Our Spring Release will occur in a tiered rollout schedule across three release dates: March 17, March 29, and April 5.

For your scheduled release date, refer to the login system alert. You will always see your most up-to-date release date. Any change we make to your release date will automatically trigger a new updated system alert. Here are the release highlights:

  • Claim Attachments
  • Collection by Visit Enhancements
  • New Payor Agreement Gateway
  • Unified Telehealth Platform
  • Payment Search
  • Auto Prefill Height and Weight to Medications
  • Merge Data Patient Notes from Multiple Users
  • Mobile Admin App

Scroll down to see complete details or download a printable PDF flyer of the features and descriptions.

Practice Management

Claim Attachments (Beta)
Our new Claim Attachments feature lets you send documents with a claim to carriers. You can send clinical notes, images, and EOBs directly to a carrier to reduce the amount of work. As part of this new feature, you are now able to attach documents from all Charge Entry/Edit screens, track status for claim attachments, and import, scan and select documents from Chart Files for attachments.

Collection by Visit Enhancements
You can now filter your Collections by Visit worklists by facility and provider. To improve workflow, select multiple filters to allow multiple data points to appear in your results. In the facility and provider columns, you can select the facility and provider in the dropdown menu. You can also add the name or code into a text box. Use the Payment Reason dropdown filter to see the payment reason code.

Referral Card (Slow rollout)
The Referral Card has completely been revamped with a cleaner, streamlined, workflow to accommodate every user. This slow rollout includes new revenue increasing features, such as multiple procedure codes per authorization. You can drilldown into the authorization and collect payments on specific procedure codes. With multiple authorizations per inbound referral, tracking expired authorizations has been made even easier to spot. You can also use Inbound Referral reports to create worklists to assist in updating any expired authorizations.

Referral and Multiple Authorizations Institutional Charge Entry
The Referral Card updates have been made to our Institutional Charge Entry.

Referral and Multiple Authorizations EHR Charge Slip
Along with the PM Referrals Card, EHR clients now experience a more time-saving referral experience as the EHR Charge Slip imports the referral with the correct authorization and the procedure codes attached.

Payment Search
Quickly find any payment in our practice management with our powerful new Payment Search. We’ve made significant enhancements to ensure it does everything Check Search does – and more! Try the direct link to edit Deposit Dates, new search filters such as Payment Code, and CSV export.

ERA Rules System Setting
We added a Preprocessing rule to improve automation for payment processing. When activated, this rule checks to see if the insurance carrier sends a payment with a secondary status code. If so, the received payment is processed as primary based on insurance position on the claim.

Claims Same Day Rollup (Beta)
Use our Claims Same Day Rollup billing feature to rollup patient visits from multiple providers on a single day into a single claim. We’ve added billing tools for specialty practices that work with Case Management. Now you can automatically rollup visits for a patient on a single day across different providers, based on CPT codes, charge code categories, or carriers.

Other Notes User Level Permissions
We have added additional user level permissions for Other Notes allowing you to customize user level access to possible sensitive information.

Reporting & Analytics Reimagined
The AdvancedMD Reporting and Analytics suite has a new look and feel with smoother features such as eyepopping dashboards colors and new data tables that make reports more detailed and visual. This enhanced version also provides user-friendly tools, such as our Smart toolbar and pinning feature which make report building and dashboard configuration more intuitive and productive.

Payor Agreement Gateway (Beta)
Our new Payor Agreement Gateway simplifies the enrollment process by bringing together one place to manage your EDI agreements. You can create, submit, and track statuses of your EDI agreements for claims, remittance, and eligibility. More easily manage your EDI agreements directly from our practice management.

Patient Engagement

Unified Telehealth Platform (Beta)
We are continuing to enhance our new fully integrated Telehealth platform based on your feedback. It has never been easier to triage your patients with our new invite participants feature during telehealth visits. Providers can now screen share with participants to better engage their patients and share important health information or milestones.

Patient Insurance and ID Upload
We now allow patients to upload the front and back of up to three insurance cards to the patient portal, during intake, or through patient self-scheduling. Patients can also upload a photo id such as a driver’s license. Once uploaded, these files are immediately available in the patient’s chart files in PM (Practice Manager).

Patient Self-scheduling with the Care Team
We have enhanced our self-scheduling feature to allow restricting existing patients to only schedule with providers on their current care team. You control this feature and decide which providers patients can schedule by assigning access through the care team card.

Scheduling Provider Matching Filters (Beta)
 Scheduling using Provider Matching is now more streamlined by allowing you to search by holds associated with appointment types. Schedulers can search for providers by hold or by all available open appointment times.

Patient Portal Regulatory Updates
Based on the new ONC Cures Act regulations, we have updated the patient view, download, and send functionality in the patient portal to the new USCDIv1 standard. This allows for the new data elements to be shared including clinical notes such as progress notes, pediatric vital sign percentages, and more demographics.

Electronic Health Records

Height and Weight Prefill to Medications
Height and weight from the most recent patient note or past prescription will be automatically added to all new prescribed medications. This saves time and ensures medications include the most up-to-date and clinically relevant patient information.

Patient Notes Support Merging Data from Multiple Users
More than one user can now update the same note without save conflicts if users are not updating data in the same fields. This helps prevent data loss when another user has saved the note after another has opened it. When the note is saved, data is merged from other users, so it is visible to you in your note. In the rare case there is overlapping data being saved, providers can manually override the conflict to prevent data loss.

New Medications Card for ePrescribing (Beta)
We are excited to introduce a new patient card for medications. This new ePrescribing tool was developed to significantly improve workflow and simplify the prescribing process.

Electronic Prior Authorizations for ePrescribing
This feature is available to all active prescribers and helps save time and stress by allowing you to request electronic authorization for patients before sending the medication to the pharmacy. Completing prior authorization within workflow helps prevent mistakes and disappointed patients at the pharmacy.

RxInform for ePrescribing
AdvancedMD has partnered with DrFirst to offer a robust patient prescription notification service. We now offer a unified patient SMS (texting) service that includes pickup reminders, medication educational information, co-pay assistance, and discounts (if available). This feature is aimed at improving medication adherence by addressing root causes of prescription abandonment.

Default Users to the New EHR Patient Chart
New users that are onboarded in your practice now start in the new EHR Patient Chart. This allows your clinical staff to take advantage of all the latest features being developed in our EHR without needing to opt in.

Limited Patient Access for Providers
User Management has a new option to prevent your EHR users from accessing patients assigned to any other providers in any of your site locations. Access is controlled by who is on the patient care team. This feature lets you prevent unauthorized access to sensitive patient information.

Gender Identity in EHR Patient Chart
Gender Identity is now displayed for providers in the patient chart for a more individualized approach to care. Providers can view sexual orientation for their patients in EHR.

Date Displayed on Note Tab
For providers accessing several notes for a patient, you now have the choice to display the note date on open tabs in the patient chart. This is a user-specific feature that can be turned on or off based on your preference.

Staff Messages Included in Chart Print
In the past, only staff messages with chart items attached were included in chart print. Now you can choose to include all staff messages relating to a patient when performing a chart print.

Patient Address on Printed Lab Order Form
We have added patient address to printed lab order forms. This helps ease patient verification and increases patient safety for external lab orders.

Sharing Information Automatically to the Patient Portal

To help your practice in meeting the ONC Cures Act Information Sharing rules, we have made it easier to share relevant clinical information with your patients in the patient portal. Chart folders can now be configured to make all supported files patient viewable automatically when saved. The new workflow eliminates the requirement to sign and mark “visible to patients.” Chart items imported, uploaded, and received via lab interfaces and our fax feature can be shared immediately. We added a new default folder for the narrative to be viewable in the patient portal. Providers continue to be able to exclude individual items from displaying in the portal (if needed).

Enhanced CQM Reporting
We have enhanced our CQM reporting with more transparency and flexibility. The Individual Provider Report and Group Report can now include or exclude Alternative Billing Provider codes.

Mobile Apps

AdvancedMD Connect Admin Mobile App
Receive system status alerts and access User Management with the AdvancedMD Connect mobile app, available for iOS and Android. Easily stay connected to your practice from anywhere. You can directly receive System Status alerts that provide latest updates on issues impacting AdvancedMD services. The app also gives access to User Management, allowing you to easily reset passwords and create or remove users.

Quick Renew
Quick Renew, a popular feature in EHR, is now available in the mobile app. This feature allows you to renew multiple medications for a patient in one step, saving you time. Quickly select the medications you want to renew from the list and with one tap, an interaction check is performed, and the medications are ready to send.

2021 E/M Coder
Last year, we introduced the E/M Coder in our desktop edition to aid in finding the proper office level visit for your patients using the new 2021 AMA guidelines. This feature is now available in our mobile app.

Outbound Referrals
You can now view and add outbound referrals for patients.

Support for Electronic Prior Authorization and RxInform
The new ePrescribing features mentioned in our EHR feature release section are now accessible in our mobile app.

Customize Patient Chart Toolbar
You can now customize the chart toolbar, remove chart items not used in your practice, and reorder chart tools to match your workflow.

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