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 ID NQF # Measure Type High Priority Measure? NQS Domain Data Submission Method(s)
147 0000 Process Yes Communication and Care Coordination Claims

Measure Description

Percentage of final reports for all patients, regardless of age, undergoing bone scintigraphy that include physician
documentation of correlation with existing relevant imaging studies (e.g., x-ray, MRI, CT, etc.) that were performed


This measure is to be submitted each time bone scintigraphy is performed during the performance period. There is no diagnosis associated with this measure. It is anticipated eligible clinicians who perform the professional component of the bone scintigraphy study will submit this measure.

NOTE: No notes for this Quality ID

Measure Submission

The listed denominator criteria is used to identify the intended patient population. The numerator quality-data codes included in this specification are used to submit the quality actions allowed by the measure. All measure-specific coding should be submitted on the claim(s) representing the eligible encounter.


Final reports that include physician documentation of correlation with existing relevant imaging studies (e.g., x-ray, MRI, CT, etc.)

Numerator Instructions:

Data not available

Numerator Quality-Data Coding Options

Denominator Exception: 3570F with 3P:

Bone Scintigraphy Report not Correlated for System Reasons

Append a submission modifier (3P) to CPT Category II code 3570F to submit documented circumstances that appropriately exclude patients from the denominator.

Documentation of system reason(s) for not documenting correlation with existing relevant imaging studies in final report (e.g.,no existing relevant imaging study available, patient did not have a previous relevant imaging study)

Note: Correlative studies are considered to be unavailable if relevant studies (reports and/or actual examination material) from other imaging modalities exist but could not be obtained after reasonable efforts to retrieve the studies are made by the interpreting physician prior to the finalization of the bone scintigraphy report.

Performance Met: CPT II 3570F:

Bone Scintigraphy Report Correlated with Existing Studies

Final report for bone scintigraphy study includes correlation with existing relevant imaging studies (e.g., x- ray, MRI, CT) corresponding to the same anatomical region in question

Performance Not Met: 3570F with 8P:
Bone Scintigraphy Report not Correlated, Reason not Otherwise Specified

Append a submission modifier (8P) to CPT Category II code 3570F to submit circumstances when the action described in the numerator is not performed and the reason is not otherwise specified.

Bone scintigraphy report not correlated in the final report with existing relevant imaging studies, reason not otherwise specified


Data not available


All final reports for patients, regardless of age, undergoing bone scintigraphy

Eligible cases are determined and must be reported, if either of the following conditions

Option 1 – Denominator Criteria (Eligible Cases):

Patient encounter during the performance period (CPT): 78300, 78305, 78306, 78315, 78320

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