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Top 10 most popular downloads of 2020

Everyone at AdvancedMD wants to wish you a Happy Holidays and prosperous New Year. Thank you for making this year so great, despite the many challenges each of us has faced. May you have happiness, health and peace in this upcoming New Year.

We compiled a list of all our Learning Center downloads for 2020 and assembled the top 10 into this blog. Each one is free to download. We hope you’ll find a few to help you in your practice for 2021 and beyond.

#1: AdvancedMD @home

Telemedicine | Work from home with ease | AdvancedMD at home

This video shares ways work remotely, see patients and stay connected. We demo AdvancedMD @home, a comprehensive cloud suite of remote care technologies: telemedicine, ePrescribing, patient portal, patient education, self-service scheduling, automated appointment reminders, staff and physician messaging, and online patient consent and intake forms.

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#2: In-house Billing with AdvancedMD

Doctor and BIller in BIlling office | AdvancedMD

This video highlights how AdvancedMD billing software lets staff automate nearly every aspect of your revenue cycle. You’ll see screens and processes that let you focus on collecting money, not data entry. You’ll be exposed to billing features such as our clearinghouse, claim scrubber and claim center. We explain how these can help you achieve maximum first-pass acceptance for one of the fastest ROIs.

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#3: Telehealth Maximizing Revenue Through Thick & Thin

This eBook addresses changes to reimbursements and provide dozens of billing updates for CMS and commercial payors. We’ve condensed hundreds of pages of industry data – including current trends resulting from COVID-19 – into our most concise overview on managing telehealth.

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#4: 12 Hidden Costs & One Knockout Punch of In-house Medical Billing

Relax | AdvancedMD

At some point in the quest for optimization, nearly every independent medical practice grapples with the dilemma of in-house billing vs. outsourcing to a billing company. To help, we created a powerhouse eBook to address the obvious question: pay staff or the outside biller. Learn the 12 hidden costs in more detail and how they impact the ultimate decision.

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#5: 7 crucial steps to reboot your practice

Desktop | AdvancedMD

Many people say, “We will never be fully the same,” and “The pandemic has forever changed our world.” If that is truly our new reality, then the question becomes, what will my future look like in the new landscape? Learn the seven crucial steps to rebooting your practice following a crisis in this free eBook.

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#6: Best practices to improve patient payments

Stethoscope on Desk | AdvancedMD

Learn how practices are getting paid faster and more consistently. We share how practices are leveraging patient-centric technologies and processes, giving patients a variety of ways to engage in their overall healthcare experience. We share nine tips that are easily-adoptable options, policies, techniques and scripts that can be used to improve patient collections and overall billing performance.

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#7: 6 billing tips insurance companies hate

Professional Services | AdvancedMD

Through more than 20 years of providing billing systems and services for tens of thousands of independent practices nationwide, we’ve gleaned six key billing tips that have made the biggest difference for practices in getting more of their reimbursement faster. You can learn the tips in this free eBook that explain in detail the love/hate symbiotic relationship between medical providers and insurance payors.

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#8: Telemedicine in a new normal webinar

AdvancedMD and Elizabeth Woodcock teamed to provide a riveting discussion on “Telemedicine in the New Normal: Best Practices in Coding, Reimbursement and Workflow.” In this recorded webinar on telemedicine we address regulations, revenue cycle management, coding and operations. Watch to learn the details as well as tips and tricks to maximizing your revenue from telemedicine.

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#9: Hitchhikers guide to managing a sustainable patient mix

On the beach | AdvancedMD

Traverse the post-COVID landscape with confidence. With so many unknowns, we looked for examples of timeless principles, applied in times of crisis and recovery, which made significant long-term impact. We share four tips that can help you create a bright successful future for you and those you care for.

Download eBook

#10: 7 Head-on Initiatives that Help Patients Pay

Collecting payments is a difficult part of private practice operations, but it’s also one of the most necessary because it is the only way to keep your clinic running. There are things that practices can do today to engage patients in the payment process while remaining sympathetic to the financial hardships they may be facing. This free eBook shares seven best-practices for working with patients.

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